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Love, Victor Season Two is available on Disney + from June 18th; this live blog is updated after each episode has aired.

Season One – RECAP

One week from now, we will be heading back to Creekwood High for the second season of Love, Victor. But, before we rejoin Victor, Benji, Mia and Felix, let’s take a quick look back at season one. Of course, you can read our full spoiler-free review of the first season here, but I am assuming you are here because you are ready for season two. So, a word of warning, I am about to go through the story so far.

Having just moved from Texas to Atlanta, the Salazar family, dad, Armando, mum Isabel, Victor, his sister Pilar and the youngest Adrian settle into their new apartment. However, Armando and Isabel have not been completely honest with the kids about the reason for their move, and the truth sits hidden as they unpack their belongings. For Victor, Pilar and Adrian, the move also means a new school. And for Pilar and Victor, this couldn’t have come at a more difficult time as they attempt to make new friends. However, for Victor, the move also opens up new possibilities, as he attempts to navigate feelings that have haunted him for a while. Victor is confused about his sexuality and unsure of who he is and who he wants to be. His feelings of confusion only intensified by a family environment where the word gay is problematic.


Victor is aware that his new school was once home to Simon Spier (Love, Simon) and reaches out to Simon via Instagram for some advice. Simon, now living with Bram in New York, responds, and a long-distance friendship begins. Meanwhile, Victor also meets the geeky and adorable Felix who lives next door, slowly striking up a friendship. Everything is going pretty well at Creekwood, as Victor joins the basketball team and meets the beautiful Mia. But, in the back of his mind, his sexuality continues to dominate his thoughts; what would his parents do if they knew? What would his new friends think? And could he be gay, bisexual or just confused?

These questions are only heightened when Victor meets Benji, who works at the local coffee shop. Benji is out and proud, confident and engaging; he even has a boyfriend. For Victor, Benji is pure perfection, and he quickly gets a job at the coffee shop working alongside him. But, Benji is also unattainable, and showing any affection or attraction would only worsen Victor’s situation. And anyway, Mia seems to like Victor, and she is also beautiful, sweet and supportive. But can Victor really offer Mia anything more than friendship?

Victor opts to date Mia, while Felix tries to woo Mia’s popular best friend, trying to overcome his shyness. And by Christmas, Victor has convinced himself that he is straight, even though he knows that to be a lie. Meanwhile, secrets are coming out at home, as his sister discovers the reason for the family move, and Victor finds himself trying to keep the family unit together.


To add to Victor’s problems, his crush on Benji continues to gnaw away at him, even when he tries to distance himself. And during a road trip with Benji for work, Victor’s secret finally becomes too hard to suppress; kissing Benji as they share a bed in a local motel. Benji quickly ends the kiss and tells Victor he has a boyfriend, and Victor finds himself rejected just when he needed love.

But, to add to his problems, Victor now also knows his relationship with Mia is based on a lie, and he is sexually attracted to boys. And so Victor turns to Simon, arranging to visit him in New York for a weekend. A weekend that will forever change Victor’s life as he finally accepts who he is and what he wants. His return to Creekwood wrapped in an urgent need to tell Mia and Felix that he is gay.

However, this is easier said than done, and while Victor tells Felix, he waits to tell Mia. He knows this is wrong, but he can’t break the news before the summer prom. And so as the summer comes into view, Mia and Victor attend the dance, but waiting in the wings is Benji, whose relationship is slowly unravelling, with Victors kiss the reason. And as the prom gets into full swing, Benji and Victor sneak outside and finally find love and comfort in each other’s arms; Mia looking on with shock as she sees them kiss. The boys oblivious to her presence. But that’s not the only revelation prom night will bring, as Victor finally comes out to his parents as they also announce some shocking news.



Love, Victor — “Perfect Summer Bubble” – Episode 201 — As summer break comes to an end, Victor grapples with his family’s reaction to his coming out. Benji (George Sear) and Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Wymore/Hulu)

Warning Spoilers Ahead!

We’re back, and what better place for season two to begin than with the coming out speech that ended season one. In case you have forgotten, season one ended with Victor and Benji finally getting it on, Mia devastated, and Victor announcing his sexuality in front of his sister and parents following the summer ball. And now we finally get to see the response, and just as we thought, both Armando and Isabel are left in shock, while Victor’s sister Pilar wraps her arms around her brother. However, Victor’s dad Armando already seems less perturbed by Victor’s news, asking the typical questions: What about Mia? And When did you decide? To which Victor responds, “I didn’t decide; I just am!.” Meanwhile, Victor’s mum sits in silence, and it’s clear, she may have more of a problem with the news than her husband.

We then jump forward ten weeks as the summer break from school nears its end. Victor and Benji are loved up, Armando and Isabel have separated as planned. Felix has taken a summer job at Brasstown coffee alongside Victor and Benji. And Mia has taken up a camp counsellor role out of town. But, as the summer nights begin to turn to Autumn, Victor’s mum continues to struggle with her son’s news.

Meanwhile, Victor’s dad settles into his new apartment, awkwardly attempting to show an interest in Victor and Benji’s new relationship. And Victor attempts to navigate his mother’s distance while also beginning to question how he and Benji will announce their relationship at school as the new term begins. And as Mia returns home and makes contact with Lake (who is even more smitten with Felix), she finds herself wondering where she fits within the newly formed group.

Considering its short 27-minute runtime, Love, Victor’s season two opener crams in a hell of a lot of significant issues left hanging at the end of season one. And at times, this leads to a slightly busy overlapping narrative. However, this also enables the episode to set the groundwork for four stories that will undoubtedly run through the season. The first of these stories centres on Victor and Benji’s return to school as a couple and Victor’s newfound confidence in his sexuality. The second is Victor’s mum’s problematic relationship with her son and his new boyfriend and her separation from Armando. Meanwhile, the third centres on Mia and her feelings for the friendship circle changed by Victor and Benji’s relationship. And finally, the fourth opens up the challenging home life of Felix, first glimpsed in season one.

While, at times, ‘Perfect Summer Bubble’ may feel too busy, it’s a solid start to season two, reflecting a new maturity and confidence in each character following the events of season one. And with multiple plot drivers established, this could be the start of a second season even more substantial than the first.


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