Jackass Forever

Jackass Forever – Worshipping at the altar of Knoxville has never been so hilarious

4th February 2022

Jackass Forever is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

Genital torture. Venomous injections. Firing squads. If a film were described to you using these three phrases, you might think, “oh, you mean 120 Days of Sodom?” or perhaps “that’s the new Lars Von Trier film, right?.” After all, the level of sadism and abject horror that must arise from those acts would surely come from an equally twisted mind, one beyond any human compassion and decency for their fellow man? But, nope, that’s just another day in the life for the crew on Jackass Forever

The whole crew has reunited, directed by Jeff Tremaine and carolled by the ever-charming and devilishly handsome silver fox Johnny Knoxville, complete with Risky Business sunglasses attire – and this is very, very risky business. Few people can look as good as Knoxville does here, considering the full-body annihilations he’s thrown himself into. Some newcomers, raised on the bible of Jackass, complete the new troupe: the first female-Jackass Rachel Wolfson, Jasper Dolphin & his father Compston Wilson, Eric Manaka, Sean’ Poopies’ McInerney – and the human pin-cushion powerhouse that is Zach Holmes. 


At this point in their careers, this hilarious band of brothers should be held together by duct tape and glue, but somehow they manage to take some of the most brutal beatdowns they’ve ever inflicted upon one another. Crotch sucker punches recorded as having the power of a moving car, unconventional facial surgeries from scorpions, and quite possibly the most dangerous stunt Jackass have ever dared to pull off are just some of the insane surprises that await you. Does Danger Ehren have children? Because if he hasn’t by now, he never will. In fact, it would be a scientific miracle to discover that any of the Jackass boys’ genitalia still work as intended at all.

It’s clear that the crew have assessed what they can still get away with and what may get away with them; Knoxville’s head-on line-dance with a raging bull hits way harder than it did 20 years ago, the consequences of which become immediately apparent. As a result, Jackass takes some of the more iconic stunts we remember and dials them up to 11 for our disgusting satisfaction. Jackass Forever’s stunts come from the ingenious minds of a brilliant portfolio of writers, including SNL’s Sarah Sherman, Colton Dunn, key legacy member Spike Jonze and of course, Mr Eric André, a protégé of Jackass, if you will. 

Chris Pontius, Eric André, Rachel Wolfson, and Eric Manaka in jackass forever from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios.

There’s always been something uniquely special about this bashed-up battalion of boys, and perhaps it’s because everything they do emanates with such honest love and appreciation for one another in direct contrast to the sadistic torture games they play. In typical Jackass fashion, there are enough penises and sacks to rival Euphoria. The crew’s open displays of homoerotic joy and connection emphasize a genuine vulnerability, even if it doesn’t seem apparent. They’ve got nothing to hide and put all of themselves out there to help one another cause the greatest mischief. Here the love and camaraderie still burn as brightly as a bristly paintball straight to the taint, and that’s the beauty of Jackass

If anyone is concerned about the newcomers Knoxville mentioned coming up to bat, trust me, all is well – they’re perfect. However, some are sadly underused in contrast to the level of pain they’re willing to take, like Rachel Wolfson. But still, every member leaves an impression, from Zach Holmes’ re-appropriation of his body as various types of vehicle to Wolfson’s frankly bad-ass poker face from licking a live electrical current. They all knew the assignment and came fully revised and ready for action. It’s clear that if the Jackass boys were looking to pass the torch, die-hard fans are willing to die, hard, to continue the legacy.


Ultimately, it’s a genuinely beautiful cap-off to the legacy of what Jackass has always been; a heart-warming display of friendship through the most depraved, disgusting and painful acts. There’s such care and genuine concern throughout, as members calm one another down and set them at ease. Here there is such a deep bond of kinship between the Jackass members – one that many of us can see reflected in our own friendships; everyone in the crew reminds you of someone you know.  

Watching Jackass Forever, especially in IMAX, is a religious experience. There’s genuinely nothing else like it. While at the same time, worshipping at the altar of Johnny Knoxville has never been so gut-wrenchingly hilarious. It’s a stupidly magnificent celebration of the purest essence of what Jackass means to each of the members, as well as a shared celebration between the team and their fans. 

If you’re still not convinced – it’s fucking Jackass, what more do I need to say? 


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Worshipping at the altar of Johnny Knoxville has never been so gut-wrenchingly hilarious. It’s a stupidly magnificent celebration of the purest essence of what Jackass means to each of the members, as well as a shared celebration between the team and their fans

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