Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats

Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats (NQV Media)

4th July 2021

NQV Media presents Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats on Amazon and Vimeo from the 5th of July

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Life can be complicated, and our relationships with others even more so. Throughout our lives, we freely offer our hearts to others – sometimes through physical connections and sometimes through love or friendships. Each time we give our hearts, we reveal elements of our true selves. Sometimes these relationships last a lifetime, and sometimes they quickly fade. But, no matter how long they last, the memory of each person you let into your heart stays forever, their face etched into your journey. Following on from the successful Upon Her Lips: Pure Feels, NQV is back with their second collection of female shorts, Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats.

After His Death (Israel)

Directed by Lior Soroka, After His Death explores the secrets at the heart of family life that often only surface after a loved one passes. Ayelet has a strained relationship with her mother and brother. But on her father’s sudden passing, she attends the funeral and tries to offer the support needed to the family surrounding her. However, her sexuality remains a hidden yet clear barrier in her family relationships. However, when Ayelet discovers photos of her father with another man, she confronts her mum about who this mysterious man is; her approach is quickly dismissed. However, it soon becomes clear that her father lived two lives with her mother’s knowledge. As Ayelet grieves, she decides to contact the man her father loved alongside his wife. Soroka creates a delicate atmosphere where grief, denial and revelations take centre stage as the reason for her mother’s distance becomes clear.

Control (Sweden)

Directed by Elin Övergaard, control explores the final moments in the relationship of two young women as one tries to cling to their love while the other searches for a way to escape. But, as sex becomes a vehicle of possible healing and hope for one, it reminds the other that physical pleasure and love do not always coexist. Övergaard’s short seven-minute feature perfectly captures the heat, emotion, and honesty surrounding the final moments of any relationship. Here both women desperately try to navigate the bridge between physical desire and emotional honesty as one opts to walk away, despite the hopes of the other.

Honeymoon (UK)

Ronit Meranda’s beautiful short film follows two deaf women as they celebrate their Honeymoon in a picturesque waterside bed and breakfast. However, unfortunately, the weather isn’t quite what Lucy (who is profoundly deaf) was hoping for, but for her wife Johanna (who is partially deaf), it’s their time together that is most important. However, as both women settle down for an evening meal at the Bed and Breakfast, the attitude of the owner and waitress comes into question. Johanna believes her to be discriminatory, judgemental and blunt. But, for Lucy, Johanna is overreacting. As their argument heats up while waiting to order, issues of intersectionality collide as they both navigate their differing views on disablism and homophobia.

Narciso (Israel/Denmark)

Mixed messages and misunderstandings often cause pain and hurt as relationships begin to form; after all, while the first weeks of any relationship are fun, all-encompassing and electric, they are also scary, uncertain and delicate. For many couples, these first delicate yet exciting days also hold barriers of language and cultural identity, and it is here where Tom-Lee Ziegelman’s short film finds a voice as two women navigate language, love and the sparks of something special.

Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats

Molt (USA)

Do you remember your first crush? I am not talking about celebrities or pop sensations, but the first person at school or in your social circle who had your heart beating faster. This person holds a special place in your heart throughout your life; their image never ages, and their face is eternally young in your mind. However, despite the still images we hold of that person, we often forget the confusion, fear and emotions that circled every encounter we had with them. In her delightful and atmospheric short film, director Nathalie Álvarez Mesén reminds us of these heady days of experimentation and turmoil as we join twelve-year-old Cadie and her neighbour, Sarah, during one hot summer afternoon in Appalachia.

Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats

Forbidden Fruits (France)

How do the relationships we hold with our parents directly affect our ability to grow and develop in our teenage years? For some, their parents can stifle possible friendships and relationships, while others offer advice and support in allowing their child to find their own paths. For fifteen-year-old Sam, her mother controls her daily life while also feeding her a mysterious tablet every day. However, when Sam meets Jade, and the first flurries of a physical attraction become clear, Sam finds herself questioning her home life as she begins to unpick the shackles her mother once imposed.

Bootwmn (USA)

Sometimes our hearts beat faster through our love for art. Paige Gratland and Sam McWilliams’ superb short documentary follows a third-generation cowboy bootmaker Deana McGuffin as she talks us through the making of her first-ever gay-themed cowboy boots. The award-winning boots are a journey of love alongside the Canadian artist. But, what makes Bootwmn so engaging is McGuffin’s own unique journey to self-acceptance through art

Buddhi Buddha (France)

We have all been there; a friend returns from a fantastic holiday and begins to tell you about their adventures; as you sit and listen patiently, you try and hide your boredom, not wishing to burst their bubble. But what if this event is also complicated by the fact that you love the friend sitting opposite? I guess in this situation, you have two options. One, you sit quietly and hide your feelings as they recount their unique stories. Or, two, you get involved in their adventure and become a part of the incredible journey they have undertaken.


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