Upon Her Lips: Pure Feels

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

NQV Upon Her Lips: Pure Feels is available now on Amazon and Vimeo On-demand.

NQV has a well-earned reputation for bringing us some of the finest gay short films from around the world. However, up until now, their collections have mainly centred on the male experience. But, now, for the first time, NQV brings us a delightful, fascinating and engaging curated collection of female short films. And from the outset, one thing is clear, NQV’s Upon Her Lips is an essential addition to the NQV collection. Here, the female voice and experience sit centre stage, from the Esther Bialas stark coming-of-age drama Tumbling Birds to the artistic and powerful Everything In Between, where sensuality, passion and love wash over the audience in a silent tidal wave. However, Upon Her Lips, true strength comes from the global reflections on the female experience it embraces. Here each short fuses in providing us with an exquisite journey across our world from Isreal and Sweden to Brazil.

These shorts encapsulate the journey taken in defining individual sexuality, belonging, and freedom, from our early days to the relationships that help define us as adults. I can only hope Upon Her Lips marks the start of an extensive collection of shorts from NQV exploring the female experience.



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