Are We Lost Forever – A delicate yet powerful discussion on lost love


Are We Lost Forever is now available to rent, stream and buy

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When does the hope, optimism and passion of a once loving relationship end? This question sits at the heart of David Färdmar’s feature debut, as love, separation, regret, and desire merge. Based on his short film Färdmar wraps his tale of love lost and love found in a delicate, loving, painful and honest portrayal of the endings and beginnings surrounding life. Here the journey we take alongside Adrian (Björn Elgerd) and Hampus (Jonathan Andersson) is full of the raw emotion surrounding any separation. Reflecting an eternal truth that while one partner may move on, the other will often struggle to accept the finality of separation.

We have all had the conversation that opens Are We Lost Forever at some point in our lives; their very nature is painful, complex and often unwelcome – the devastating words “there’s no more we” are bound in feelings of rejection, disconnect and failure. For some, these conversations come as a relief, while for others, they act as a lightning bolt on an otherwise sunny day. But, whatever the reaction, it is a conversation usually expected by both partners, the possible fallout less than clear as the words spill out.


In a bed that was once the centre of love and sensuality, Hampus finally confronts his fiancee Adrian with this very conversation, it’s not the first time the couple has split, but this time it feels different. There is a sense of finality in Hampus’ words that Adrian cannot control, as his mind whirs with questions, regrets and hurt. But Adrian also knows that his behaviour and closed emotions have helped create the ending now at play. However, as Hampus and Adrian go their separate ways, one will find freedom and rebirth, while the other wallows in regret as the past becomes a chain around their feet.


Färdmar’s screenplay is beautiful in construct, allowing both Adrian and Hampus a distinct and engaging voice throughout. But it is within Are We Lost Forever’s delicate yet powerful discussion on love and loss that Färdmar’s film sings with creativity and emotional power. Here, Färdmar reflects the inescapable fact that no loving relationship ever reaches a finale, the intimate connections built, whether good or bad, burning a place in the heart. Each subsequent relationship we have is often held hostage by memories of ‘what could have been’. When coupled with the outstanding lead performances of both Elgerd and Andersson, Are We Lost Forever burns as brightly as the emotions at its heart, allowing for a raw and honest discussion on love, loss and rebirth.

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