The Broken Hearts Gallery – A celebration of random human connections

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With everything that’s going on in our world today, we all need a feelgood film in our lives. And while writer/director Natalie Krinsky’s debut might sound cheesy on paper, The Broken Hearts Gallery is far more than a simple rom-com. It is a delightful, engaging and joyous celebration of love, connection and healing. One that not only hums with unbridled energy but oozes charm and humour; its screenplay sharp, witty and character-driven. But, what truly brings Krinsky’s movie to life is her reflections on city life. The busy streets and endless opportunities of New York, coupled with occasional loneliness. As each street, cafe and bar hold memories of relationships past and present.

But, when these themes find a voice through Geraldine Viswanathan and Dacre Montgomery, The Broken Hearts Gallery shines with originality and style. Both lead actors exuding charisma while providing us with a sense of realism often missing in more generic rom-com outings.

The result, a beautiful, real and engaging film that leaves many of its contemporaries in shadow—each scene, conversation and location a celebration of the random human connections that lead to happiness. So if you are looking for a film that sweeps you away into a hopeful, optimistic world, look no further than The Broken Hearts Gallery this weekend.

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