Industry – Sex, finance and ruthless ambition

Industry premieres on BBC and HBO this Autumn

If you like TV drama to be bold, daring and thoroughly addictive, then we have an electrifying treat for you. With the BBC, HBO and Bad Wolf production, Industry hitting your screens this Autumn. And if your tired of TV drama that dwells in romance, crime and family melodrama; Industry may be the tonic you need. After all, not only is it energetic and risqué; it’s the drama equivalent of The Apprentice on steroids.

Set post the financial crash of 2008, Industry follows a group of graduate interns through their first placement at a fictional ‘big bank’. Their future careers dependant on their performance, as competition, ruthless ambition and long hours take a toll. However, far beyond the trading floor and the pressures of work, each of our graduates navigates sex, friendships and more than a sniff of drugs. The partying years of university life not yet complete, despite the pressure of work-life surrounding them. But, for some, the opportunities ahead of them are even more important than for others. With class, education and social standing wrapped in the need to earn big, play big and succeed at all costs.

With the opening episode placed in the directorial hands of Lena Dunham (Girls), Industry opens with more than an ounce of flare. The bright lights of London dovetailing with a much darker exploration of personal pressure. At the same time as an 80s inspired soundtrack seems to echo many of the ghosts that led to the 2008 crash. And it is here where Industry reflects a fascinating mix of post-crash politics and pre-crash greed. The cities cultural need for profit, risk and partying still ingrained in the very fabric of the banks at its heart.

However, it is the characters at the heart of the story that make Industry both fascinating, engaging and addictive. Each one carrying a backstory that slowly unwinds through a haze of hormones, trials and tribulations. From the wealthy public school set, through to the state school kids who have fought their way through. While at the same time, gender and sexuality surround the opportunities offered to our eager graduates.

Of course, Industry is pure fiction and drama, and it never attempts to be anything but this. But, that does not mean its intoxicating mix of Wall Street meets Skins does not have bolder messages to purvey. And look through the haze of drugs, booze and sex, and there are much bigger demons at play. From the greed still running through the veins of the city, through to the need to pursue money and status at any personal cost.

So get ready for one wild, unrestrained and bumpy ride through the bright lights of the financial powerhouse that is London. Your next binge watch is here, and its bold, abrasive and utterly compelling.

Industry – Picture Shows: Yasmine (MARISA ABELA), Robert (HARRY LAWTEY) – (C) Bad Wolf Productions – Photographer: Amanda Searle

Cast: Myha’la HerroldMarisa AbelaConor MacNeill, David Jonsson, Harry Lawtey, Ken Leung, Freya Mavor, Priyanga Burford, Will Tudor, Sagar Radia, Nabhaan Rizwan

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