The Man with the Answers

The Man with the Answers: A delightful road trip movie full of love, humour, healing and hope.

7th May 2021

The Man with the Answers is released through Peccadillo Pictures. Dive into this rich and tender snapshot of unexpected love from June 28th.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Just for a minute, cast your mind back to our world before COVID 19; in this world, many of our friendships, lovers and acquaintances came from random meetings in public spaces. Here the first sparks of a friendship or love came through shared conversations, interests or instant attraction in a public space. Since COVID 19 invaded our world, these random connections and physical meetings have been lost as we languish in our homes on zoom calls. Therefore, The Man With the Answers is a breath of fresh air as it takes us on a road trip from Bari to Bavaria alongside two men brought together by fate in a bright, engaging and joyous journey of self-discovery, healing and hope. Here, director Stelios Kammitsis explores the power of a single spark or action in changing an individual’s destiny in a delightful road trip movie full of love, humour, healing and hope.


In a port town on the Greek coast, twenty-something Victor (Vasilis Magouliotis) spends his days dwelling on his past achievements as a diving champion as he works in a dusty furniture factory. Victor lives with his grandmother and doesn’t see his mum, who is now re-married with a new family far away in Bavaria. But when his frail grandmother dies, Victor questions his dreams, aspirations, ideas and relationships, including the one with his mother. So Victor dusts off his grandfather’s old car and sets off on a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation, with Bavaria his final stop. However, as Victor boards a local ferry, his world is invaded by Matthias (Anton Weil), a mysterious and intriguing young German backpacker.

Matthias is confident, bullish and adventurous, the exact opposite of Victor. But could Matthias help Victor reach his final destination? Or is he a slick criminal looking for a quick buck? Maybe Matthias is also a lost traveller who has far more in common with Victor than he realises.


Kammitsis’ film offers us a tender, gentle and loving road trip full of charm and humour as two worlds collide on the road to rebirth and reconciliation. Here our character’s journey’s are embedded in the power of a single meeting to change a life. Both Magouliotis and Weil shine in their touching, honest and engaging performances as both men find something unexpected on the long and winding roads of Europe; love. Here The Man with the Answers proves that the roads we choose can create a new beginning when we least expect them to.


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