The Snoopy Show comes to Apple TV 5th Feb

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The Snoopy Show premieres on Apple TV + Friday 5th February 2021

Why can’t I have a normal dog like everyone else? – Charlie Brown

On the 5th December 2019, I ended my review of Snoopy in Space by hoping it marked the start of a beautiful partnership between Peanuts and Apple TV. Thankfully someone at Apple TV appears to have been listening, as since then the Schulz family and Apple have developed a partnership made in heaven. With the Peanuts holiday specials brought to the platform in collaboration with PBS. However, despite each classic’s beauty and enduring joy, we all hoped to see new Peanuts content. And with The Snoopy Show, our wish has been granted.

Split into six 23 minute episodes, with each housing several short stories, The Snoopy Show is fun, engaging and colourful. But, even more than that, its heartfelt, intelligent and rooted in Schulz vision. With each delightful short story taken directly from the original comic strips. And if you felt at all concerned that The Snoopy Show would forget to include the whole Peanuts gang, you can rest assured; Snoopy may receive top billing, but the crew are all here in the stories brought to the screen. And whether it be Snoopy’s first meeting with Charlie Brown, Halloween celebrations with Woodstock or a mission to protect Sally’s school lunch, we guarantee you will adore this show.

In a world of turmoil, political segregation and social isolation, the Peanuts gang have never been more needed in our lives. And thankfully The Snoopy Show is here to brighten our day; wrapping us in a warm blanket of love, humour and togetherness. While at the same time, re-introducing the Peanuts gang to a whole new generation.




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