Snoopy in Space – The Peanuts Gang Join NASA

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Those of us who grew up following the exploits and adventures of Charlie Brown were elated to see the Peanuts gang help launch Apple TV + last month. Bringing the characters created by the legendary Charles M. Schulz back to our TV screens for the first time since their 2011 TV special. While in turn placing Charlie Brown and Snoopy into the exciting world of NASA and space exploration.

Snoopy in Space is, in essence, a 98-minute feature film split into 12 bite-sized chunks. Enabling children to easily digest each episode and the learning themes present. With Snoopy, Woodstock and the Peanuts gang took from a school play to the heady heights of NASA mission control. While Snoopy and Woodstock sit centre stage as they venture to the International Space Station and the Moon. Their adventures also encompassing future space programmes to Mars.

Produced by Mark Evestaff and directed by Rob Boutilier with input from the Schulz family. Snoopy in Space wears its educational badge with pride, from the first episode to the last. Combining easy to understand facts and information on space exploration with the vibrant energy of Peanuts.

While the style and delivery of each episode echoing both care and love for the characters created by Schulz. With sound design, music, animation and voice performances paying homage to the classic Peanut specials that have become part of TV and animation history. Equally ensuring that each episode not only captivates children but also creates a warm nostalgic glow for adults too. However, as the title suggests this is very much the Snoopy and Woodstock show, and as a result, the Peanuts gang occasionally feel slightly lost in the overarching story.

However, despite this Snoopy in Space soars in its ability to combine fun, energy and learning. Reminding us all of the power inherent in high-quality animation to help children grow, learn and laugh in equal measure. While equally demonstrating the long-lasting love and affection the world has for the Peanuts gang.

Here at Cinerama Film, we can only hope that Snoopy in Space marks the start of a long and fruitful partnership between Peanuts and Apple TV +.

Cast:  Christian Dal DossoHolly GorskiHattie Kragten, Isabella Leo, Terry McGurrin, Isis Moore, Ethan Pugiotto, Rob Tinkler, Wyatt White, Nicole Byer

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