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Spider-Man: Far from Home – Review

Spoiler Free Spider-Man Homecoming was one of the standout successes of 2017, offering a truly fresh superhero film to the Marvel canon. Homecoming re-energised the Spider-Man character after a plethora of outings, injecting a youthful, electric energy through Tom Holland’s outstanding debut. Hope was therefore high that its follow up would meet or surpass the energy of the first outing, …

Avengers Endgame (Review)

The Avengers journey has been a true cultural phenomenon of modern film, reigniting the superhero genre while dovetailing a whole cinematic universe of colour and diversity into a core central journey alongside characters of depth. While not always perfect in plot devices, Endgame manages to deliver an exquisite curtain call for characters who have become central to the rebirth of comic books on screen.