‘All Aboard’ as BBC Three and Euston Films announce a second series of Wreck

BBC Three and Euston Films have announced today that this year’s quacking comedy slasher, Wreck, will return for a second series. 

After the dramatic events on The Sacramentum cruise liner, the Valorum corporation is out for blood – hunting down the gang who overthrew the ship. Jamie and Vivian have so far failed to expose the corporation’s killer secret, but our duo are determined to rally former shipmates and survive long enough to expose the next big thing in twisted entertainment. But things aren’t always safer on dry land!

Creator Ryan J. Brown said: “I’m really thrilled to be serving up another slice of Wreck. We’ll be back, bigger and bloodier, in 2023. To have BBC Three’s confidence in us reaffirmed is the best feeling. I’ve always had big plans for where our story could go, and to fully realise that is an honour. At its heart, Wreck is a story about a group of underdogs fighting back and achieving the impossible, and in some ways, it felt like that when making Series one, our immense ambition meant we were up against it, but our cast and crew, led by our fearless director, Chris Baugh powered through in an inspiring way. To see all of our hard work pay off is a privilege, and I can’t wait to do it again.


Director Chris Baugh said: “I’m delighted that Wreck is coming back for a second series. I am such a fan of Ryan’s writing and can’t wait to see where he takes this story. I’m very excited to see our incredible cast jump back into this unique world, and I’m particularly proud that we are bringing the show back to Northern Ireland, where we have a world-class crew who put amazing work and creativity into the first season. It’s a testament to everyone involved that BBC is showing such belief in the show. I can’t wait to get started!” 

Noemi Spanos, Managing Director of Euston Films, said: “BBC Three greenlighting a second series at this early stage is such a testament to the incredible creative talent involved in making this show. I’m beyond thrilled the BBC see such potential in Wreck, and I’m delighted Ryan J. Brown and Chris Baugh will be paired up again to bring more unique twisted fun to our screens.
Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three, said: “What a joy it’s been to see Wreck sail onto BBC Three in all of its bloodcurdling brilliance. After that ending to series one, I’m delighted that we won’t have to wait too long to find out what comes next for Jamie, Vivian and their fellow survivors of Quacky The Duck.

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The second series is commissioned by Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three, and former Acting Director of BBC Drama Ben Irving. It will be produced by Euston Films, part of Fremantle. Executive producers are Noemi Spanos for Euston Films with Ryan J. Brown and Tommy Bulfin for the BBC. Chris Baugh (Boys from County Hell) will return as director and executive producer. 

Wreck series two will return to Northern Ireland to film in 2023.

Watch WRECK series one now on BBC iPlayer.  

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