The Male Gaze: The Boy is Mine


The Male Gaze: The Boy is Mine is available to stream or buy now.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

NQV Media’s The Male Gaze series returns with a new selection of short films in The Boy is Mine. Here each short explores the boundaries of love, belonging and partnership, with five tales that take us from Mexico to the UK and Sweden.

Our journey starts with Uneven, as a discarded old sock swoons over its life with its owner. Here its tatty threadbare body longs for touch as it attempts to rekindle the sense of love and belonging it once had. Director Rafael Ruiz Espejo plays with the beauty of the male form in creating a short wrapped in delightful humour – our intrepid sock tossed to one side, only to find new a new connection.


In Wolves, sixteen-year-old Josh (Roly Botha) finds solace and peace in the woods surrounding his house. But, when an afternoon spent catching bugs leads to the discovery of a naked young man who doesn’t speak, Josh is captivated and enthralled. As they build a new bond, both boys create a new non-verbal world of security, love and experimentation in the undergrowth. But can this world last?

Meanwhile, Johnny is a tale of two unlikely companions, one timid and unsure and the other full of energy and artistic desire. But, can they both find more than just a fleeting romance in the arms of each other? Or will the unspoken doubts in their minds stop the birth of a new romance? These questions also find a powerful voice in Debut as two young models meet in the studio of a female magazine photographer. Here a spark of instant desire is lit between them before the impromptu photoshoot turns into a heated and dangerous experiment in sexual art. Finally, Guardian explores the mental turmoil of a life lived in compartments, one with a loving boyfriend and the other in a repressed world of chaos.

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