World on Fire – The horror of fascism and bravery of rebellion

BBC One’s war time drama World on Fire concluded last week, after seven riveting and deeply moving episodes. The drama immersing its audience in the horrors of fascism, the bravery of rebellion and the darkness of war, while also providing us with stunning cinematography, performances and direction. In a similar vein to the outstanding 2013 German TV drama Generation War …

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Top TV: Our guide to the best box sets
Last Update: May 2020 Television has the power to whisk us away into new worlds, while remaining firmly rooted to our favourite armchair. While equally opening up new worlds through…
The Netflix Conundrum
Over the past three years Netflix has made a barnstorming entry into the motion picture marketplace. Bringing us high quality and innovative pictures ranging from Roma to The Irishman, Marriage…

My Left Nut (Review) – Lifting the curtain on teenage sexual health for boys

We all know that teenage boys are generally not good at talking about their own health. Creating a trait that often continues through to adult life. As men search for their own answers to possible health problems, long before consulting a doctor. Often only increasing undue worry and concern, that remains pent up and lacking in any emotional support. Therefore …

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