The success of Star Wars is multi layered, but its enduring ability to appeal to young people comes through a clear understanding of the passion and ideas that young people offer, even when facing adversity and oppression. Reflecting the post war social development of the teenager and the need for a youth voice in a world of dramatic change ‘A New Hope’ reflects its title. It demonstrates that future generations are the key to social change in a society that has failed them, while encouraging young people to believe in their power to change their world or universe.
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My first experience of cinema was the stunning, grand and magical Granada Cinema Bedford, as a child I will never forget the awe of this 1930s picture palace. Sitting opposite St Peters green in the town, it owned its surroundings with an assured and comforting design, a home to all the big screen adventures and experiences the week had to offer. I remember with fondness the long queues for a film, stretching around the corner of the building, the box office lined with red curtains, where you were issued with a small paper ticket that led to the large sweeping staircase, the Granada’s huge auditorium awaiting you.
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Long before Timothee Chalamet’s realistic and emotive performance in Beautiful Boy, Leonardo Di Caprio took on the role of a teenage Jim Carol in the The Basketball Diaries. Both films explore the damage, family breakdown and complexity of teenage addiction, and both are based on the real life stories of two young men living through addiction. Click for more