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The Hound of the Baskervilles – 80th Anniversary

On March 31st 1939 worldwide cinema audiences were introduced to Sherlock Holmes on the big screen. Basil Rathbone taking on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic Victorian detective under the direction of Sidney Lanfield. At the time of release Rathbone only received second billing, with the top honour going to Richard Greene as Sir Henry Baskerville, …

LGBTQ films – The Essential Collection

For the LGBTQ community, film has long been a vehicle for challenging society’s pre-conceptions. While furthering inclusion and embracing a community rich in history, art and culture. The film journey of the LGBTQ community reflects the history of its people, providing a road map of the discrimination, isolation and fight for equality and representation, each …

Goonies (2019 Re-Release)

At 34 years old Goonies still provides a journey into adventure, fantasy and emerging adolescence unparalleled in its sheer vision and creativity. Goonies enthrals it’s younger audience while asking its older viewers to suspend the realities of adulthood and remember the excitement, discovery and energy of youth.

Alien – 40th Anniversary

From its stripped back poster design to the invention of the modern horror/sci-fi genre Alien has imbedded itself in modern cinematic history, as a film that truly took cinema into the coldest reaches of space. Combining the emergence of 1970s slasher film with 1950s B-Movies and a stark modern vision of space exploration, its impact …

Youthful Rebellion in a galaxy far, far away

The success of Star Wars is multi layered, but its enduring ability to appeal to young people comes through a clear understanding of the passion and ideas that young people offer, even when facing adversity and oppression. Reflecting the post war social development of the teenager and the need for a youth voice in a world of dramatic change ‘A New Hope’ reflects its title. It demonstrates that future generations are the key to social change in a society that has failed them, while encouraging young people to believe in their power to change their world or universe.
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