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Consequences (Posledice) – Review

Darko Stante’s debut feature film offers a tough exploration of repressed sexuality, masculinity and peer influence. In a confident and assured film offering a rare exploration of youth culture, sexuality and crime in Slovenia. Although carrying themes associated with coming of age and sexuality, Stante weaves a far more nuanced exploration of young people living on the verges …

LGBTQ films – The Essential Collection

For the LGBTQ community, film has long been a vehicle for challenging society’s pre-conceptions. While furthering inclusion and embracing a community rich in history, art and culture. The film journey of the LGBTQ community reflects the history of its people, providing a road map of the discrimination, isolation and fight for equality and representation, each …

Making Montgomery Clift – Review

A beautiful exploration of a true creative force, that challenges the Hollywood system and wider public obsession with attaching tragedy to public figures. Making Montgomery Clift offers a fresh vision on a life lived in the public eye and the private passions and emotions that created a Hollywood legend.
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