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The Sisters Brothers

Despite its flaws, The Sisters Brothers takes the western genre and blends it with character studies that provide humour, depth and warmth; challenging a series of age-old genre boundaries. This is a film that provides an eccentric and beautifully shot journey while providing enough mainstream entertainment alongside its creativity and difference to appeal to most audiences.  

The White Crow

The life and defection of Rudolf Nureyev has been covered several times in documentary and docudrama over recent years. Both 2015s BBC docudrama ‘Dance to Freedom’ and 2018s documentary ‘Nureyev’ offering perspectives on the man, his life and the art form he inhabited. White Crow therefore needed to add something new and fresh to the …

Ben is Back

Despite solid performances from both Hedges and Roberts. Ben is Back never manages to rise above the tried and tested addiction film stereotypes. Set in small town America, Ben returns to his family home just before Christmas. His rehab not complete, with many failed home visits behind him, his arrival brings family divisions to the …