We believe in the unique power of short film, creating short cinematic journey’s that challenge, inspire and further cinematic art.
Short films have the ability to sweep us away into new worlds, new ideas and subjects that challenge our world views. The importance and artistry of the short film is often unfairly overlooked and unseen by cinema audiences.
Our selection of short films is hand picked by us. Covering issues ranging from LGBTQ to drama and horror.

*Some short films listed may only be fully available via purchase or rental.

Brothers by Robert Eggers (Drama/Thriller)
USA 2019

Edmund the Magnificent (LGBTQ) UK 2017

Balloon (Gender)
USA 2019

Deuspi (Comedy/Animation) France 2016

Miller & Son (LGBTQ)
USA 2019

The Sermon (Horror) (LGBTQ)
UK 2018

James (LGBTQ)
Northern Ireland 2008

Betty Feeds the Animals (Documentary)
USA 2019

Jackpot (LGBTQ) USA 2013

Crashing Waves (LGBTQ)
UK 2019

The Last Time I Saw Richard (LGBTQ)
Australia 2014

All These Creatures (Coming of Age)
Australia 2018

Love Does Grow on Trees
(Coming of Age)
UK 2014

Listen (Transgender)
UK 2019

Featuring young trans actors in trans roles, ‘Listen’ honestly and frankly depicts some of the myriad struggles experienced daily by trans children and teenagers, giving a much needed voice to this often maligned section of the community

Tungrus (Comedy)
India 2018

Fauve (Drama)
Canada 2018

A Terrible Hullabaloo (History/Animation)
Ireland 2018

Fitting (Drama)
UK 2018

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