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Men of Hard Skin

Argentinean director Jose Celestino Campusano brings us a coming of age drama based in rural Argentina, with dark foreboding themes of abuse, control and community legitimation of both. Ariel lives…


Winner of the Queer Lion as this years Venice Film Festival. Director Li Cheng brings us a modest and beautifully shot film focusing on hidden love, culture and family in…

Essential Coming of Age films

By Neil Baker on Friday, March 1, 2019 Coming of age stories have existed in filmmaking for decades. Offering us a window into the complexity, joy, frustration and urgency of…

Now Available to Stream or Buy – Rocketman

Rocketman is a rollercoaster of music, stunning visuals and electric performances that goes beyond the usual rock biopic, providing a truly creative portrait of a British music legend. Read our…

Now Available to Stream or Buy – Aladdin

Despite its problems, Massoud and Scott keep Aladdin upbeat and on track with engaging performances and on screen chemistry. Unfortunately their efforts are never matched by Smiths Genie. Who needed…