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We the Animals – Review

Jeremiah Zager’s debut feature film takes Justin Torre’s acclaimed novel and creates a visually stunning, powerful and poetic film of childhood poverty, family breakdown and emerging sexuality. We the animals pulls no…

Now Available to Stream or Buy – Boy Erased

While clearly and confidently dealing with the emotional abuse of conversation therapy. Boy Erased never quite delivers the emotional attachment to its characters the subject matter deserves. Unlike The Miseducation…

LGBTQ films – The Essential Collection

First Published – June 2019 For the LGBTQ community, film has long been a vehicle for challenging society’s pre-conceptions. While furthering inclusion and embracing a community rich in history, art…

Rocketman – Review

Fresh from rescuing the Freddie Mercury and Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after the removal of its director Bryan Singer. Dexter Fletcher brings us the glowing, fabulous and utterly compelling Rocketman.…

Ten Film Alternatives to Eurovision

It’s that time of year again when mediocre songs and flamboyant performances illuminate our TV screens. With the dreaded ‘deux points’ score for the United Kingdom having become a staple…

Goonies (2019 Re-Release)

At 34 years old Goonies still provides a journey into adventure, fantasy and emerging adolescence unparalleled in its sheer vision and creativity. Goonies enthrals it’s younger audience while asking its…

A Clockwork Orange (2019 Re-Release)

While there are elements of Kubrick’s classic that may now look worn, this is a film that still delivers a unique and audacious vision, reflecting social issues still present in…

Alien – 40th Anniversary

From its stripped back poster design to the invention of the modern horror/sci-fi genre. Alien has imbedded itself in modern cinematic history, as a film that truly took cinema into…

Now Available to Stream or Buy – Ma

With way too many plot holes, filled with quick and easy formula horror. Ma never allows itself the room to develop the story that the cast deserved. And while Octavia…