LGBTQ films: The Essential Collection

Last updated May 2020 For the LGBTQ community, film has long been a vehicle for challenging social oppression and isolation. While in turn furthering inclusion and understanding of the LGBTQ communities rich place in history, art and culture. This has led to a cinematic journey that not only reflects the history of the people at its heart. But also celebrates …

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Billy Elliot: Still electric at 20
It is hard to believe that Billy Elliot first danced its way into our hearts at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival almost 20 years ago. Not only redefining the power…
BFI Flare
BFI Flare – Five Films For Freedom
Despite BFI Flare finding itself cancelled early this week. The amazing Five Films for Freedom are now live for public viewing. This amazing collection of short films from around the…

Moffie (Review) – Repression, desire and social control in 80s apartheid South Africa

Political regimes built on segregation and hate are multi faceted in their use of control, violence and indoctrination. Often forcing both internal and external segregation and oppression based on an ideology that fears any difference. In turn using divide and conquer governance, in ensuring people who do not fit their idealised mould are targeted whether they be internal or external …

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