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Sequin in a Blue Room – In Conversation

Sequin in a Blue Room is released via Peccadillo Pictures on UK/Ireland & North American digital platforms from 9th April. This article refers to ‘cottaging’, a gay slang term originating in the United Kingdom. Cottaging refers to anonymous sex between men in a public toilet, park or identified place. Ask any gay man about their first experience of gay sex, and many will recount detailed stories of excitement, apprehension, fear and doubt. Their first tentative steps into a new sexual world shrouded in nerves, anticipation and hormonal energy. For many gay men of my generation, these first encounters were

Benny Loves You: We talk to writer, actor and director Karl Holt

Benny Loves You is showing at FrightFest Saturday 24th October We all had that one cuddly toy as a child that had pride of place at our side. And if you didn’t, then, to be frank, you are simply abnormal and probably a psychopath. For me, as a child, that special furry friend was ‘Charlie’ the monkey. His extra-long arms and legs and big soft belly acting as my ‘go-to’ comfort every time I climbed into bed. And once there, all snuggled up; Charlie would serve as my protector, friend and safety net from the big world around me. In

Don’t Look Back: We talk to writer, producer and director Jeffrey Reddick about his latest picture

Don’t Look Back is showing at FrightFest on Friday 23rd October Kurt Cobain once said, “If you’re a really mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop”. In many ways, this seems unfair to the humble fly, but, it does point to a belief in karma. A conviction embedded in diverse cultures, religions and social structures since the dawn of humanity; the need for us all to believe that what goes around, comes around, a comfort in a turbulent world. While at the same time feeding our human need for justice, even when it sadly

Yes: We talk to writer, actor and producer Tim Realbuto about the social issues at the heart of his latest film

Yes is available now on all major streaming platforms In recent years the pitfalls of fame in childhood, have found a new and distinctive voice in cinema. From Honey Boy to documentaries like Showbiz kids, each has shone a light on the dangers of children entering a world of money and power. However, the devastating loss of the fame built in childhood, as the individual enters adulthood remains shrouded in darkness. Just as the links between childhood abuse, and the potentially destructive behaviour of the victim as they become an adult, also remains largely silent. These are topics carrying a powerful, uncomfortable,

I Am Samuel – Director Pete Murimi talks to us about his poignant, brave and urgent new documentary

I Am Samuel is showing at BFI London Film Festival from 10th October to 13th October In 2019 Kenya’s High Court ruled against LGBTQ campaigners seeking to overturn archaic laws that criminalised gay sex. The case filed in 2016 marked a watershed moment in LGBTQ representation. However, despite the efforts of brave campaigners, their bid for equality failed. But, the very fact the case was heard marked a big step forward in LGBTQ liberation in Kenya. The gates tentatively opened in the exploration of laws imposed by the British and embedded into independence in 1963. However, while opening the door

Getting It – We talk to writer, director and actor Tom Heard about life, love and LGBTQ representation

Getting It is now available on Vimeo in the United Kingdom and Amazon Prime in the US Let’s face it, the only thing more complicated than love is the self-assembly instructions on a flat-pack piece of furniture. In fact, in both respects, we often give up, or bypass the difficult bits and hope the end result will work out just fine. For some of us, we breeze through many loves until we find the right person. While for others finding love is a constant struggle that can lead us to believe that we are better off alone. And alone is

Blinders – We talk to Tyler Savage about his new thriller and the darker side of inner-city life

Every year millions of people pack their bags and head to major cities across the world, seeking a fresh start, leaving behind the problems, memories, and ghosts of their past. However, for many, the reality of leaving behind the security of their old life only increases their vulnerability. Their new lives snared in a trap of needing companionship and belonging as they find their feet in a new city; the rules of their old life rewritten as new people enter their lives, for good or for ill. And it is within these themes that Tyler Savage’s new film ‘Blinders,’ finds

Two Heads Creek – We talk all things horror, comedy and the macabre with writer and actor Jordan Waller

Now and again a horror/comedy comes along that is both intelligent and creative, while equally gore-filled and fun. These movies are quite rare, many struggling to manage the interface between gore, comedy, and social discussion; never quite balancing all three. However, Two Heads Creek is one of those rare gems that shines within the genre. Its gloriously dark script, energetic delivery, and sublime performances matched with a nuanced discussion on nationalism. Its gore and humour layered with a cutting dissection, of the walls being built around nations. The poisoning effects of nationalist politics, BREXIT and detention centres gloriously fed into

We Die Alone – We talk to Baker Chase Powell about Marc Cartwright’s riveting new short film

How do we meet other people and communicate ideas in an online world where clicks count our popularity? And how does this affect those who lack the confidence to move beyond the digital landscape of our creation? These questions centre on our continually changing relationship with the internet, the very fabric of this virtual realm helping us to escape into personal caves. Where safety and security come from the ability to avoid physical contact and conversation; friendships, lovers and daily life held firmly within a bubble of our control. For many, this control leads them to choose an online world

The Lossen – From the streets of rural Bedfordshire to the silver screen

Bedfordshire may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about filmmaking. But the County actually has a long history of supporting high quality filmmaking both big and small. From the outstanding The Dark Knight at Cardington Hangers to Eyes Wide Shut at Luton Hoo. Bedfordshire has played host to number of big productions over the years. And now following in the footsteps of its much larger predecessors. A brand new short film ‘The Lossen’ continues the County’s rich history of cinematic storytelling. Weaving themes of death, rebirth, loss and unfulfilled dreams into a short film that excels in both creativity

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