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Cinerama Film UK began its life in February 2019 aimed at bringing a fresh and new online presence to film reviews and media. Since its launch Cinerama Film Online has continued to increase its global audience month on month. Bringing its unique mix of cinema old and new to readers alongside impartial, balanced and fair reviews.


Cinerama Film Online proudly supports the amazing diversity of film across our world. Always endeavouring to bring you a mosaic of film releases that stretch far beyond big budget blockbuster films. In fact, our commitment to independent film reigns supreme, always prioritising smaller releases over big budget films. While our retrospective and essential collections delve into the treasure chest of cinema history.


The Team

Founder and editor Neil Baker has had a deep passion for film since childhood. His first major movie memory a screening of E.T. in a grand art deco cinema aged just six. Since then film has always played a substantial role in Neil’s life from writing to festivals and cinema, while his main career focussed on diversity, inclusion and LGBTQ equality work. However, in 2019 Neil decided it was time to finally bring his life long passion for film to a public audience, founding Cinerama Film Online.
Joining Cinerama Film Online in 2020 Agnes Sajti has a masters degree in Film Studies from Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest. She is especially interested in the Classical Hollywood era, Pre-Code films and film noirs
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Our Star Ratings Explained

Outstanding, innovative and unique, an unmissable movie experience

Very good, engaging and fresh in vision, scope and performances. Highly recommended.

Good and enjoyable, but lacking the spark needed to elevate it beyond similar movies in the same genre

Dissapointing and lacklustre in vision and scope, with a mix of both poor and good elements.

Poor and tedious, with little to recommend

Cinerama Film Online does not use half star ratings, and encourages all readers to engage with the full review before drawing their own conclusions  

We aim to bring you film reviews that reflect the global diversity of film. From blockbusters to independent film, our reviews aim to inform and create discussion. We believe that star ratings are merely a guide, with our reviews allowing the reader to make up their own mind. After all film is for everyone, and everyone has different view on what they watch. Likewise you will never find lazy and damaging click bate criticism of films on our site. All films no matter of our individual opinion carry worth and meaning to others. And while we may offer structured and fair criticism, we will always balance this with importance of allowing the reader to make up their own mind.
We believe in bringing you thought provoking, fun and informative interviews with directors, actors, writers and producers. Enabling you to get closer to the film’s and TV shows we cover, while gaining a vaulable insight into the creative process. Our ‘In Conversation’ articles celebrate the role of those who work tirelessly to bring new stories to life on both the big and small screen.  
We are passionate about LGBTQ+ cinema and TV. Supporting the unique perspectives and stories that LGBTQ culture and experience brings us. While celebrating the role LGBTQ film plays in cinematic art. Our site will always endeavour to bring you the best in LGBTQ+ film and TV while working in partnership with film distributors who share our passion.   
Every week we bring you a top pick from the latest realeases, classics or streaming. Each one achieving a four or five star rating on the site. 
We believe in bringing you the latest film releases from the BFI London Film Festival, BFI Flare, Sheffield Doc Fest, FrightFest and more. Alongside the latest Q&A’s and advance screenings, keeping you one step ahead of all the latest and greatest film releases.
We are passionate about the history of film, bringing you retrospective articles on films that continue to fascinate and entice new audiences. Meanwhile our curated lists of essential films help you further explore the history and power of film. 
Film incorporates a wide range of platforms, and we believe Home Entertainment play an important role in further developing film as an art form while providing accessibility and ease. Therefore, Cinerama Film Online will always bring you the best in Home Entertainment, from traditional TV to Apple, Netflix and Prime.
Bloody Monday brings the you the best in gory, weird, unique and wonderful horror picks the first Monday of every month. These hand picked movies shine with creativity, difference, blood and gore. Meanwhile, Quick Flicks brings you a monthly selection of quick fire reviews for those looking for a great movie in a hurry. Each one handpicked by the editor. 
Kids Mix provides four great junior film choices every quarter themed to each season, ensuring our young film fans are never left out. And finally, Essential Movies delves into the vaults of cinema past and present to bring you a curated collections of truly unmissable films.   
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