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  • Neil Baker

    Neils passion for film began in childhood, spending every Saturday afternoon in his local cinema. As he grew, his love of film grew with him, developing a particular interest in world cinema, LGBTQ+ representation and cinema as a medium for social change. Finally, in 2019 Neil brought his personal love of film to the internet, launching Cinerama Film as a not for profit online magazine and resource. Neil is also an equality and diversity practitioner, working across sectors to further build social inclusion.
  • Sabastian Astley

    Sab joined the Cinerama Film team in January 2021 and is currently studying film at University in London. Sab loves horror and all things strange. His favourite director is Yorgos Lanthimos, and he's always looking out for interesting new features and documentaries to highlight.
  • Agnes Sajti

    Agnes joined Cinerama Film Online in August 2020 as a volunteer writer. Agnes studied at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, achieving a Masters degree in Film Studies. Her specialist interest in film focuses on Hollywood's golden era, Pre-Code films and film noir. Agnes currently writes monthly articles for both our retrospective page and curated collections. Her work exploring many of the golden age movies that have become the templates for modern film, while also exploring lesser-known film classics.

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Outstanding, innovative, fresh and engaging, we think it’s unmissable. 


Great, innovative and very nearly outstanding, we highly recommend it.


Good, interesting and entertaining. 


Average and largely uninspiring. 

Below Average, flawed and disappointing.

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Kratt – A delightfully bonkers fantasy horror

Fantasia Festival presents Kratt, book tickets here. Deep in the pages of Estonian legend, you will find a creature named Kratt. This mythological beast is subservient to the master who creates it out of household items and three drops of blood. And as it comes to life, it seeks nothing but work, as the devil within demands the master’s attention. However, once the work drys up, the Kratt will have no option but to seek its own entertainment, killing its master before finding another. For, the Kratt thrives on attention, its work a mere veil for the evil that lies

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The Return (2020), How to Deter a Robber (2020), The Boy Behind the Door (2021) – Quick Picks

Quick Picks brings you short reviews of movies available to rent, buy or stream now. This edition features The Return (2020), How to Deter a Robber (2020) and The Boy Behind the Door (2021). The Return We all love a haunted house tale, right? But, with so many on offer, the quality of these varies significantly as directors seek to offer something new. On the face of it, BJ Vernot’s new movie would appear to fall directly into the traditional haunted house sub-genre. After all, here we have a young man, Roger (Richard Harmon), returning to his family home following

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Boys from County Hell

Boys from County Hell – Baugh’s vampire flick is wickedly entertaining

Watch Boys from County Hell in UK and Irish cinemas from August 6th. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. On a hill just outside the village of Slaughtaverty, County Derry sits a lonely hawthorn tree. But, this lone tree has a devilish story to tell. Legend has it the tree marks the grave of Chieftain Abhartach, the first Vampire king of Ireland. According to the same tale, a pile of stones once sat under the tree, weighing down the grave of the undead blood fiend who lay beneath. Abhartach died in the 5th or 6th century. His jealousy

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