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Just like the Cinerama technology from which we take our name, we explore all film releases, old and new from three distinct angles.  

– Cinematic Art



We proudly support the global diversity of film making and endeavour to bring you a mosaic of film releases that’s goes beyond pure big budget blockbuster films. 

What was Cinerama? 

Cinerama filming and projection technology was invented by Fred Waller in the 1940’s with the first Cinerama screen opening to the public in the 1950’s. A precursor to modern formats such as IMAX, Cinerama never achieved the widespread acclaim and use it could have, mainly due to studios backing formats such as Cinemascope, that proved easy to film and install in cinemas. 

The word “Cinerama” combines cinema with panorama, with Cinerama technology using three interlocked 35 mm cameras equipped with 27 mm lenses, approximately the focal length of the human eye. Each camera photographed one third of the picture. To fill the huge curved screen, three projectors were then used to create the final image, each projecting part of the final panorama to create a whole picture.


Supporting LGBTQ Filmmaking 

Unlike many other film review sites, we also specialise in bringing you the latest LGBTQ film releases, supporting the unique perspectives and stories that LGBTQ culture and experience brings us, while celebrating the role LGBTQ film plays in cinematic art.

Film Festivals

We believe in bringing you the latest film releases from the BFI London Film Festival, BFI Flare and London Sci-Fi Film Festival alongside the latest Q&A’s and advance screenings, keeping you one step ahead of all the latest and greatest film releases.

Our Star Ratings

All of the film reviews on this site are star rated. These ratings are based purely the reviewers experience, thoughts and enjoyment of a film.

We believe in balanced and fair reviews that reflect the creative, social and artistic impact of a film. All reviews are independent of any industry influence and we urge readers to read our reviews in full. All reviews are for guidance only, and we actively encourage readers to experience a film themselves at their local cinema.

Outstanding – filmmaking offering something truly unique, creative and special. Pushing the boundaries of the art form and its genre with outstanding performances, direction and vision


Very good – Filmmaking offering a highly enjoyable, immersive and creative experience. Introducing some new ideas and themes to its genre while offering very good performances and direction

Good – filmmaking that is enjoyable and entertaining with solid performances and direction. However, limited in originality or difference to other films in its genre

Average – filmmaking that delivers little originality within its genre. Offering nothing new in its delivery but providing reasonable entertainment value through average performances and direction

Poor – Filmmaking that offers nothing of substance or relevance to its genre. Providing very limited entertainment or creativity in delivery. Filmmaking with poor or bland performances and direction through out.

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