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Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing at 25: In Conversation with Jonathan Harvey

Beautiful Thing is available to rent, buy and stream on All 4 now. Let me start by taking you back to the summer of 1996. The Spice Girls were wannabe’s, Dodgy wondered whether they were ‘Good Enough‘ and Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds were singing about ‘Three Lions‘. In cinemas, The Muppets were visiting Treasure Island, and aliens were blowing up the White House just in time for Independence Day. Meanwhile, an IRA bomb targeted shoppers in Manchester, injuring

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Sequin in a Blue Room – In Conversation with Director Samuel Van Grinsven

Sequin in a Blue Room is released via Peccadillo Pictures on UK/Ireland & North American digital platforms from 9th April. This article refers to ‘cottaging’, a gay slang term originating in the United Kingdom. Cottaging refers to anonymous sex between men in a public toilet, park or identified place. Ask any gay man about their first experience of gay sex, and many will recount detailed stories of excitement, apprehension, fear and doubt. Their first tentative steps into a new

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Yes – We talk to writer, actor and producer Tim Realbuto

Yes is available now on all major streaming platforms In recent years the pitfalls of fame in childhood, have found a new and distinctive voice in cinema. From Honey Boy to documentaries like Showbiz kids, each has shone a light on the dangers of children entering a world of money and power. However, the devastating loss of the fame built in childhood, as the individual enters adulthood remains shrouded in darkness. Just as the links between childhood abuse, and the potentially destructive

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I Am Samuel – We talk to director Pete Murimi about his new documentary

I Am Samuel is showing at BFI London Film Festival from 10th October to 13th October In 2019 Kenya’s High Court ruled against LGBTQ campaigners seeking to overturn archaic laws that criminalised gay sex. The case filed in 2016 marked a watershed moment in LGBTQ representation. However, despite the efforts of brave campaigners, their bid for equality failed. But, the very fact the case was heard marked a big step forward in LGBTQ liberation in Kenya. The gates tentatively opened

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