Dashcam – The most insane and entertaining horror ride of the year

BFI London Film Festival presents Dashcam, coming soon to cinemas nationwide. Nobody is offering us modern found footage horror like Rob Savage. His debut feature Host perfectly integrated the pandemic zeitgeist of the Zoom party while haunting it with a dreadful supernatural affliction. In Host, Savage delivered what many, for example, Unfriended’s Levan

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The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter – A directorial debut that quickly loses its audience

BFI London Film Festival presents The Lost Daughter in selected cinemas and on Netflix on December 31st. Directorial debuts are always fascinating to watch unfold. They can be fantastic and launch a director into the cinematic stratosphere, like Julia Ducournau’s Raw or Jeymes Samuel’s The Harder They Fall. But, they can also be

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Titane – A viscerally intimate dissection of the human condition

BFI London Film Festival presents Titane; in cinemas December 31st. Female horror filmmakers are finally getting the spotlight they deserve, and that’s in no small part thanks to Julia Ducournau. Propelling herself onto the scene with her viscerally tender coming-of-age horror Raw, Ducournau left a startlingly strong imprint in everyone’s minds.

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Cop Secret

Cop Secret – Joyously unpicks the action movie with a ton of Icelandic charm

BFI London Film Festival presents Cop Secret; book festival tickets here. Downtown Reykjavík cop Bussi (Audunn Blöndal) doesn’t believe in following the rules, his freewheeling, heavy drinking style of policing pushing the very boundaries of the law. His less than enthusiastic crime-fighting partner Klemenz (Sverrir Thór Sverrisson), the subject of

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Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – Joyous, bright and proud

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is showing now on Amazon Prime and in selected cinemas nationwide. The journey from stage to the big screen is never an easy one for any musical. Often the very things that make a stage musical successful with audiences fail to translate as they move to

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