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If Beale Street Could Talk

How do you follow the Oscar winning exploration of deprivation, black identity and sexual orientation found in Moonlight? If you are Barry Jenkins, you bring us a beautiful adaptation of James Baldwins If Beale Street Could Talk, exploring family, love, racial profiling and endurance in 1970’s Harlem. Following ‘Fonny’ (Stephan James) and ‘Tish’ (KiKi Layne) …

Retrospective – Exploring The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Long before Timothee Chalamet’s realistic and emotive performance in Beautiful Boy, Leonardo Di Caprio took on the role of a teenage Jim Carol in the The Basketball Diaries. Both films explore the damage, family breakdown and complexity of teenage addiction, and both are based on the real life stories of two young men living through addiction. Click for more