Nevrland – Review

Gregor Schmidinger’s debut feature provides a complex mix of masculinity, mental health and sexuality, creating a picture of a young mans journey into adulthood unlike many other within the gay genre. Combining stark visual imagery with exceptional sound design Schmidinger creates the aesthetic of entering the thoughts and emotions of his young male lead, Jakob …

Ben is Back

Despite solid performances from both Hedges and Roberts, Ben is Back never manages to rise above the tried and tested addiction film stereotypes. Set in small town America, Ben returns to his family home just before Christmas. His rehab not complete, with many failed home visits behind him, his arrival brings family divisions to the …

Ray and Liz

Richard Billingham’s photography is world renowned, and with his debut feature Billingham brings the power of his photographic skills to a tough and heartrending childhood memoir of poverty and dysfunctional family life in 1980s Britain. From the outset Ray and Liz makes no attempt to romanticise poverty of opportunity, family breakdown and the inability of …

The Aftermath

The Aftermath is not a perfect film, suffering from a lack of development in its core romantic plot, and a slightly Hollywood sheen. However, it does give us a multi layered and sensitive exploration of the personal, social and emotional effect of war and civilian loss across cultural boundaries.  
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