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The Power of Online Advertising

Cinerama Film Online is committed to bringing its audience the latest film releases. As part of this commitment we believe in working with studios and film distributors to create dynamic advertising for new releases.

We offer a range of packages to advertise with us. Ranging from banner advertising to trailer slots and sponsored articles. All geared to ensuring our audience receive the latest information and news.

Why Cinerama Film Online?

There are many reasons to advertise with us at Cinerama Film Online. Our audience figures speak for themselves, with a global audience that stretches from North America to Australia and Europe. While our reach continues to grow into new markets month on month with new readers. Our continued success coming from our focus on film festivals, LGBTQ and independent film. Combing these with mainstream cinema and TV to create a dynamic, dedicated and diverse global audience.

Goonies (Warner Bros Pictures)

On average our readers view 2 articles on visiting the site. With our Home Page the top destination for readers

Top menu items for visitors include LGBTQ Films, Film Reviews and Streaming

Our largest audience come from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Ireland

Cinerama Film proudly works with independent studios to ensure smaller films make it to the site. Supporting public awareness of the diversity of film.

Cinerama Film proudly supports LGBTQ films from the around the globe. Ensuring the rich diversity of worldwide LGBTQ film has a permanent home in a crowded online world

Nevrland (Austria 2019)

Our Online Offer to Studios and Distributors

Dedicated banner advertising on our home page and posts for new films or VOD releases

Dedicated trailer slots within main articles which are linked to further information on the film

Sponsored articles on new or upcoming films

A pause in Google advertising during your campaign to ensure your film or TV show gains the full attention of our readers

Early reviews aimed at bringing our audience the latest information before release

Global Film Festival advertising and ticket information

Use of social media platforms to further engage new audiences

Good Boys (Universal Pictures 2019)

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