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Welcome to Cinerama Film Online

Cinerama Film UK began its life in February 2019 aimed at bringing a fresh and new online presence to film reviews and media. Since its launch Cinerama Film Online has continued to increase its global audience month on month. Bringing its unique mix of cinema old and new alongside impartial, balanced and fair reviews.
Cinerama Film Online proudly supports the amazing diversity of film across our world. Always endeavouring to bring you a mosaic of film releases that stretch beyond big budget blockbuster films. While our retrospective and essential collections delve into the treasure chest of cinema history.


Thank you for visiting and being a part of our love of film and cinema

We aim to bring you film reviews that reflect the global diversity of film. From blockbusters to independent film, our reviews aim to inform and create discussion. We believe reviews are about informing choice and encouraging people to visit their local cinema. While being fair, independent and easy to read.
Unlike many other film review sites, we also specialise in bringing you the latest LGBTQ film releases. Supporting the unique perspectives and stories that LGBTQ culture and experience brings us. While celebrating the role LGBTQ film plays in cinematic art. 
We believe in bringing you the latest film releases from the BFI London Film Festival, BFI Flare, Frightfest and London Sci-Fi Film Festival. Alongside the latest Q&A’s and advance screenings, keeping you one step ahead of all the latest and greatest film releases.
We believe in the unique power of short film, creating short cinematic journey’s that challenge, inspire and further cinematic art.
Short films have the ability to sweep us away into new worlds, new ideas and subjects that challenge our world views. The importance and artistry of the short film is often unfairly overlooked and unseen by cinema audiences.
We are passionate about the history of film. Bringing you retrospective explorations of films that continue to fascinate audiences. While our curated lists of essential films help you further explore the beauty of film. With the finest and examples of cinematic directing, acting and artistry at your finger tips
Film incorporates a wide range of platforms, and we believe TV and Streaming play an important role in further developing film as an art form. Therefore Cinerama Film will always bring you the best in television drama and straight to streaming films for around the world.

Join Us

The Breakfast Club (Universal Pictures)
Do you love film as much as we do? If the answer to that question is yes, we would love to hear from you.
We are looking for aspiring new writers who want to share their thoughts with our Cinerama Film audience. Your passion may reside in film reviews, retrospective explorations or top rated TV drama. Whichever area applies, we are looking for people aged 18+ who can write with passion. Using a fair and informative style that allows the audience to gain the full picture of the film or TV show you are reviewing. 
We can’t pay you, but can give you a platform for your talent, allowing you to build a portfolio for your future career in writing. If you feel you have what it takes to join us, send us a 500 – 800 word review of a film or TV show you love. Ensure you give your review a snappy title and embed links to IMBD or other sites you may quote. 
We will always respond to each review we receive, and may ask you to become a contributor to the continued growth of Cinerama Film. Including attending film festivals as press on our behalf. 

*Please note, we will never publish your work without your prior consent. 

So be part of our journey and get writing. Submitting your work to Neil Baker ( with the title ‘New Talent’

Our Star Ratings Explained

Filmmaking offering something truly unique, creative and special. Pushing the boundaries of the art form and its genre with outstanding performances, direction and vision
Very Good
Filmmaking that offers a highly enjoyable, immersive and creative experience. Introducing some new ideas and themes to its genre while offering very good performances and direction
Filmmaking that is enjoyable and entertaining with solid performances and direction. However, limited in originality or difference to other films in its genre
Filmmaking that offers little originality within its genre. Offering nothing new in its delivery but providing reasonable entertainment value through average performances and direction
Filmmaking that offers nothing of substance or relevance to its genre. Providing very limited entertainment or creativity in delivery. Filmmaking with poor or bland performances and direction through out
Shazam 2019 (New Line Cinema) Warner Bros
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