Private Desert

Aly Muritiba’s Private Desert arrives on Peccadillo On Demand on April 14th

Private Desert, Brazil’s official submission for the 94th Academy Awards® arrives on Peccadillo On Demand on April 14 and on DVD and Digital on April 24.

Daniel (Antonio Saboia, Bacurau), a troubled cop with a history of run-ins, seeks refuge from a potentially career-ending scandal with a faraway stranger with whom he has been conducting an intense affair entirely on social media. But when his paramour abruptly ghosts him, Daniel impulsively sets off thousands of miles cross-country in a desperate attempt to salvage the lost relationship. A quest that will profoundly change the course of both their lives. 

The critically acclaimed Private Desert is a riveting Brazilian romantic drama that melds stunning road movie vistas, twisting narrative turns and a swelling forbidden love story to the beat of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

On talking about the UK release of Private Desert, Director Aly Muritiba (Nóis por Nóis and Rust) said, “I have dedicated the recent years of my career in cinema to reflecting on the masculine affection, the male way of being and loving in contemporary Brazilian society, an essentially conservative and patriarchal society. The question I have asked myself in the past and continue to ask right now is: How do men love? How can we express what we feel without hurting each other? How can we do that if we are taught that we must be strong, firm, and cold?

DVD Bonus Features

·        The Making Of PRIVATE DESERT

·        Interview with Aly Muritiba in Venice

·        A Fábrica (The Factory) – A Short by Aly Muritiba

Language: Portuguese | Country: Brazil | Subtitles: English | Soundtrack: Dolby Digital 5.1 | 16:9 | 2023 | 116 mins. approx.

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