The Faculty

The Faculty (1998)

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What do you get if you take elements of The Breakfast Club, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Night of the Creeps and place them into a gigantic 90s-sized blender? The answer is the classic schoolroom sci-fi/horror of The Faculty (1998). The critics were largely indifferent to Robert Rodriguez’s high school alien romp on its release – they were obviously watching a different film to me! Thankfully, despite any critical fanfare on its arrival, The Faculty has since earned cult status with its delightfully different take on the body invasion horror.

By its very nature, school is an alien environment for many kids and teens, the long, dull corridors full of indifference and rejection. While many young people sail through the friendship dramas, relationships and popularity contests school offers, others find school life a nightmare of no escape.

Therefore, one could argue that Invasion of the Body Snatchers was written with school in mind; after all, the personality and peer group allegiances of most teens change as they adapt their beliefs, behaviours and ideas to fit in with those around them. Here The Faculty not only celebrates classic horror but reflects the alien environment of the school with a deliciously modern spin on the body invasion horror. Some will argue The Faculty is just a 90s version of Fred Dekker’s 1986 Night of the Creeps, but it is so much more; it is an intelligent, energetic and engaging dissection of the politics and peer group power of the High School environment.

United States | 1hr 44min | Director: Robert Rodriguez


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