Death Drop Gorgeous

Death Drop Gorgeous (2020)


Death Drop Gorgeous is available to rent, buy and stream.

Directed by Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, and Brandon Perras, Death Drop Gorgeous is a proudly queer, spit-and-sawdust indie comedy-horror and an instant queer cult classic. Its homemade charm reflects the energy, volatility, humour and anarchy of the gay scene while offering us a love letter to John Waters and classic horror. Here Dalpe, Brandon and Perras’ dark comedy is bathed in wit and gore as they celebrate the scene’s alcohol-fuelled gay churches and the traditional slasher. The result is a glittery blood bath of high heels, cocktails and vodka shots.

Dwayne (Wayne Gonsalves) has recently arrived back in Providence after a difficult breakup and is crashing on the couch of his flamboyant friend Brian (Christopher Dalpe). But, just as Dwayne starts work as a bartender at the local gay club, a mysterious spate of gruesome murders rocks Providence with each victim drained of their blood after a brutal stabbing or mincing. But who could be responsible for these heinous crimes? And does anyone really care?


The bar’s resident drag queens are quick to engage in rumour and speculation about the killer in their midst as the young Janet Fitness (Matthew Pidge) and the legendary Gloria Hole (Michael McAdam) turn tongue-in-cheek detectives. But as the queens bathe in rumour and speculation, a closeted police duo try to find the real killer before another brutal mincing.

Like many passion projects, Death Drop Gorgeous was filmed on a minuscule budget, its cast working around their day jobs for over a year to complete the film. But, unlike many passion projects that tend to run out of steam, Ahern, Dalpe and Perras’ movie carries a delightful sense of fun and joy.


The true genius of Death Drop Gorgeous sits in its screenplay. Here the beauty and darkness of the gay scene are sliced away piece by piece with a sharp satirical knife. For example, the club owner Tony Two-Fingers clearly has mafia roots, referencing the birth of many famous gay venues. But, while Death Drop Gorgeous may earn its cult stripes from its sharp screenplay, it is also a damn good slasher horror.

The horror may be homemade, but it’s utterly inspired, and I dare anyone watching not to have a new fear of handheld meat grinders and gloryholes after the credits roll. In short, Death Drop Gorgeous is witty, energetic, loud, and free, reflecting the scene it represents. Its humour is both cutting and loving as it bathes in its own unique creativity with an inspired and inventive horror that pays homage to movies ranging from Misery to Carrie and Silence of the Lambs.


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