Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid (2015)

The Halloween Countdown (Day 9)

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As a film-obsessed teenager of the late 1980s and early 90s, my local video rental store was a magical movie cave filled with wonder and potential. The endless shelves of shiny VHS boxes providing me with a pick n mix heaven. Here, I would spend whole afternoons searching for my Saturday night entertainment, leaving the shop cradling my precious tapes with a large bar of Dairy Milk chocolate for the viewing ahead. 

Like so many teenagers of my era, straight to VHS films offered rich pickings. Their low budget effects and rushed release, either striking gold or sinking into a pit of oblivion as I munched my way through snacks in the comfort of my bedroom—the hum of the TV and whirring of the VHS player all I needed to feel at home.


Joyously taking the festival circuit by storm during 2015, Turbo Kid understands these teenage film hunting expeditions—bathing its audience in a delightfully retro straight to VHS story that is layered with lashings of blood and humour. Its synthesised score, BMX bikes and 80s inspired action taking the audience right back to those glorious days of fuzzy VHS tapes and endless trailers. All within a post-apocalyptic 1997, where global warming has killed off the majority of the human race. The survivors, living in tin sheds and underground bunkers while drinking water made from juicing other humans. 

It is within this devilish world that we meet our unlikely BMX riding hero (Munro Chambers), a teenager who scavenges the landscape outside his bunker hoarding ’80s and ’90s relics. His love of Turbo Rider comic books offering a brief glimpse of his destiny. However, on becoming attached (literally) to a peculiar girl named Apple. The ‘kids’ life suddenly changes as he crosses the path of a sadistic gangster named Zeus, played by Michael Ironside.

If this all sounds slightly nuts, it is! But it is also a rare delight, embracing its retro action, guts and gore with pride while paying homage to the best in 80s video rental horror. Turbo Kid is a joyous, funny, bloody and creative slice of science-fiction horror that holds a well-deserved place in the heart of many a film fan.