Flashback – an engaging and complex melting pot of ideas

(AKA- The Education of Fredrick Fitzell)


Vertigo Releasing presents Flashback on digital platforms from June 4th.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Our life is full of choices, the fabric of our existence based on moments of random decision-making where we may turn right or left. These choices define our path, personality, and our opportunities. We often reflect on this journey with the ultimate philosophical question, “What If.” Of course, in truth, this question serves no useful purpose as the decisions we take or the roads we walk are irreversible. But what if that wasn’t the case?

Fifteen years after leaving school, Fred (Dylan O’Brien) appears to have it all; a successful career, a stylish apartment and a loving partner. However, when his mother is rushed into hospital following an aneurysm, Fred’s life unravels through a series of strange and terrifying flashbacks. As these flashbacks grow more powerful, they transport Fred back to his days at school and forward to a dystopian future that haunts his every waking minute. At the heart of these visions is a girl, and as Fred fixates on finding her, the past and present merge.

From the outset, Flashback creates a rabbit hole that may prove too deep and complex in its structure for some, but for those willing to enter this deep and dark warren of intrigue, mystery and science fiction, Flashback won’t disappoint. The stand out here is Dylan O’Brien’s multi-faceted performance as mirror images of himself. When this performance is coupled with MacBride’s directorial vision and Brendan Steacy’s cinematography, Flashback opens a Pandora’s Box of classic science fiction themes and relishes challenging its audience – the final thirty minutes a clear homage to Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey. In a crowded online marketplace of movies due to the pandemic, Flashback may fall through the cracks, but trust me, this one deserves your attention.



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