The Muppet Show – pure escapism, joy and innocence


Stream now on Disney +.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Here’s a fun fact: I once electrocuted myself while watching The Muppet Show! I was five or six at my long-since departed grandma’s house. Whilst playing with my Star Wars figures and watching my favourite Muppets on the small TV in the corner of the room, I decided to stick my finger in an electrical socket. Thankfully, the shock wasn’t all that bad, and I watched the rest of The Muppets on my grandma’s lap with what seemed like a giant slice of chocolate cake. But I digress! The Muppet Show was one of the highlights of my TV week, each episode transporting me to the wondrous world of Jim Henson’s misfit gang. The opening credits were enough to make the outside world evaporate as The Muppets took me under their wing.

Henson’s Muppet Show was pure escapism, joy and innocence; a family show that would appeal to every age, its humour, intelligence and colourful parade of characters unique. Here the Muppet theatre was the stuff of childhood dreams and imagination, a safe place in which to explore music, comedy, variety and mayhem. Therefore, when Disney finally announced the show’s five-season run would appear on Disney +, you can imagine my excitement. After all, The Muppet Show is not just TV history; it is pure joy, creativity, and wonder.


The enduring beauty of Henson’s work remains fully intact forty-one years after it aired. So why not dive into Henson’s glorious world? Whether you are new to The Muppet Show or an adult who grew up with its wonderous creations, The Muppet Show has something for everyone, regardless of age. So start the music, light the lights and get ready to meet The Muppets again tonight.


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