LGBT+ History Month 2021 – Explore the Cinerama Film archive

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For the LGBTQ+ community, films have long been a vehicle for challenging social oppression and isolation. In turn, furthering inclusion and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community’s vibrant place in history, art, and culture. Leading to a cinematic journey that not only reflects the history of the people at its heart but celebrates the role of individuals and communities in the fight for broader representation.

Cinema has helped build a broader public understanding of the lives of LGBTQ+ people while exploring some of the most challenging and heart-breaking events in the communities’ global history. The silver screen both reflecting and representing a community, often kept silent and hidden from view. With cinema helping to build both individual and community confidence in sharing stories, coming out and expressing pride.

However, it is only recently in cinema that confidence has grown, and even now studios often openly censor content to appease global markets. Therefore the journey of LGBTQ+ cinema is far from over; the role of films alongside theatre and art remaining central to furthering inclusion. So join us in celebrating some of the films that made us laugh, cry and reflect on the LGBTQ+ journey. While in turn, building bridges that have furthered inclusion and equality.

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