Go/Don’t Go – A slow-burn and engaging exploration of loss, love and loneliness


Go/Don’t Go is available on selected digital platforms now

From its opening scenes, Go/Don’t Go is both unnerving and compelling. And while some may argue this is due to the post-apocalyptic world first-time director Alex Knapp skillfully creates. For me, it is Knapp’s ability to capture both isolation and loneliness that stand out. In many ways reflecting our current world where time has all but become inconsequential, as days roll into one during lockdown. In Adam’s world, his friends, partner and family have vanished; his life full of the monotonous rituals he has created to aid a sense of normalcy.

However, things are far from normal in Adams world; his sense of being, caught in a trap of memories that no longer support his present. While at the same time, his ability to ‘Go’ is held hostage by the ghosts of his past. The result of which is a slow-burn and engaging exploration of loss, love and loneliness. And while some may struggle with the film’s pace, others will find themselves captivated by its sheer beauty in a world where segregation, loss and isolation have stepped out of the realms of science fiction and into our daily lives.

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