The Last Blockbuster – Can the video rental business really survive?

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The Last Blockbuster is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV

How did you spend your Friday nights as a teenager? For many, the park bench, friends and cheap booze marked the start of the weekend. But, for me, it was my Friday evening trip to the local Blockbuster Video that heralded the start of my two days of freedom. There, in its safety and warmth, I would spend hours trawling through the shelves looking for those hidden gems to watch in my bedroom. Of course, Blockbuster is long gone here in the UK, but one family-run store survives in the US. And this assured and delightful documentary takes us back to those heady days of video rental while demonstrating the power of one woman’s fight to hold onto the past and redefine the future. But can the video rental business really survive a new world of instant access entertainment?

The answer to that question may lie within our love of nostalgia, and the feelings of safety and warmth it creates. After all, vinyl records were discarded by the bucket load as CD reigned supreme in the 90s. However, in recent years they have made a glorious come back in our homes. And while we may be obsessed with instant home entertainment, ownership of physical films remains valuable in a world where movies often slip into the mists of time; never to be seen again in their original format.

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