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As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021, you will have noticed some major changes on Cinerama Film Online. Over the past few weeks, we have stripped back the site, with new pages, redesigned content, menus and accessibility. With the result, a new Cinerama Film Online platform that is even more responsive, accessible and easy to navigate. But, this major redesign is only one of our exciting changes for the year ahead. A year where Cinerama Film Online will embrace more multimedia content, including more sneak peeks at new movies and exclusive trailers. In fact, from today you can visit our Film Reviews and News page for a selection of great trailers, short films and exclusive content.

But that’s not all, from 2021 we can announce that 60% of all new content will be geared toward world cinema, independent film and LGBTQ+ media. That does not mean we will stop featuring big studio releases, but it means that world cinema, independent film and LGBTQ+ film and TV will be our priority moving forward. Cinerama Film Online has always believed in bringing you a diversity of film, and these changes only further embed our mission.

Hello to the The Crypt

Initially launched as Bloody Monday back in the summer of 2020, The Crypt takes over from Bloody Monday. Its mission, to bring you the best in horror from around the globe in bi-monthly collections.

Hello to Q

Q aims to bring you the very best LGBTQ+ film and TV in themed collections. Launched in December 2020, Q will be released bi-monthly.

Farewell to Kids Mix

Our Kids Mix curated collections take a final bow this Spring. But, don’t worry, children’s movies will continue to be featured in curated collections, retrospectives and film reviews across the site.

More Quick Read Reviews

Quick Read Reviews aim to bring you easy to read, large print reviews that are both accessible and quick. During 2020 quick read reviews covered up to seven individual releases in one article. However, from 2021 quick read reviews will focus purely on individual releases. With 20% of all our film reviews made available in this accessible format.

New Streaming Quick Picks

From today our Home Entertainment page features a brand new Streaming Quick Picks section. These quick picks explore the world of streaming, bringing you short sharp recommendations and star ratings for content on Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney +, Prime, Sky, BBC iPlayer and Channel 4.

More Indie Films

Cinerama Film Online is committed to bringing you the very best in independent filmmaking from around the world. And during 2021 we will be increasing this content further, ensuring we bring you even more independent features. Cinerama Film Online has always been proud to support new filmmakers, and this will only strengthen in 2021.

More LGBTQ+ Content

We pride ourselves on being the home of the very best in LGBTQ+ film and TV. And 2021 will see our focus on LGBTQ+ content expand even further. With our brand new LGBTQ+ Film and TV page providing access to even more articles across the site.

New Look Film Reviews and News

Our brand new Film Reviews and News page builds on the success of our site, offering you access to reviews by genre, archive content and multimedia. Plus, we are making it easier for you to find what you want and explore the diversity of film articles available on Cinerama Film Online. With even more content, and the ability to view films by genre for the first time.

More In Conversation

In Conversation has proved to be a great success during 2020, and therefore, 2021 will see even more interviews with directors, writers and actors from across the world of TV and film. Plus In-Depth explorations of the filmmaking process, diversity and LGBTQ+ representation.

No Intrusive Advertising and Clickbait

You will never find intrusive advertising or clickbait content on Cinerama Film Online. Our articles, pages and posts believe in providing safe ad-free access for your reading pleasure. However, this does mean we are reliant on your donations to keep the site up and running.

Celebrating the History of Film

Retrospective articles will continue to explore the rich history of global cinema, but, they will also include articles on individual directors, actors, and writers for the first time. Each article celebrating the individual contribution to cinema made by some of the well known and hidden figures of the entertainment world. We will also be exploring the history of cinema, looking back at art deco picture palaces, the birth of the multiplex and more.

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