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It’s been one hell of a year so far, on that, I am sure we can all agree. And for many, it has been a year of heartbreak, financial turmoil and loneliness. Of course, we know that films can’t replace the hurt, worry or frustrations you may be feeling. But, they can whisk you away to somewhere new, whether that be within the realms of horror, comedy or drama. So if you are looking for the perfect Halloween night movie to celebrate the day at home, then look no further with our most recent horror reviews right here πŸ‘‡. And from us to you, have a Happy Halloween.

Recent Horror Movie Reviews

Maybe you are looking for classics, obscure movies or bloody brilliant gore?

Or maybe you are looking for something for the whole family to watch. πŸ‘‡

And don’t forget our retrospective look at horror classics. πŸ‘‡

Plus loads more including Final Destination, The Shining, The Good Son and more.

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