Under My Skin – a fresh exploration of non-binary gender identity


Under My Skin is currently awaiting a nationwide release date, and this post will be updated when one becomes available.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Australian writer-director David O’Donnell’s Under My Skin is a fresh, delicate, captivating exploration of gender that unpicks and rewrites the classic romantic drama. While at the same time embracing and furthering non-binary representation on screen. The result is a complex yet accessible slice of drama that explores the barriers and challenges of a non-binary ‘coming out’ process within a stable, loving, yet delicate union.

Denny is a musician who travels from bar to bar, earning meagre tips and fees while waiting for a lucky big break. Meanwhile, Ryan (Alex Russell) is a corporate lawyer, slowly working his way up the slippery slope of success while his boss demands attention. But, on a works night out, Denny and Ryan’s worlds collide in a local bar when Denny’s music and energetic spirit captivate Ryan. So develops a deep relationship and emotional connection with their lives, quickly morphing from casual dates to something far more serious.


However, as Denny begins to explore their gender, Ryan starts to worry that his life and career may not be able to support a gender-neutral partner. And when Ryan’s need for a corporate ‘girlfriend’ overshadows Denny’s need for security, the relationship faces its greatest challenge. The journey we take with Ryan and Denny is heartfelt, powerful and nuanced as two people join only to face separation in the face of change. But, in Denny’s journey to personal freedom, David O’Donnell’s direction takes a brave and inspired route.

Denny finds their voice through four actors: Liv Hewson, Bobbi Salvör Menuez, Chloe Freeman and Lex Ryan. Here each performer reflects a unique side to Denny’s journey, highlighting their internal struggle to define their place and purpose. Under My Skin burns with creativity alongside exceptional performances, creating a genuinely modern romantic drama. Here O’Donnell’s direction excels in vision and artistry, his decision to focus on the internal struggle for recognition dovetailed with a broader reflection of love transcending social barriers.

Director: David O’Donnell

Cast: Alexis DenisofLiv HewsonAlex Russell, Bobbi Salvör Menuez, Chloe Freeman, Lex Ryan

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