Teen Heroes and Quests – Think Like a Dog, Teen Titans, Onward and Horrible Histories

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Think Like a Dog (2020)

Director: Gil Junger

Cast: Megan FoxJosh DuhamelGabriel Bateman, Minghao Hou, Kunal Nayyar 

Any dog owner who loves their furry and faithful friend will have looked into their eyes and asked: “I wonder what you’re thinking?”. So just imagine how awesome it would be if you could answer that very question. For young tech genius Ollie (Gabriel Bateman) and his online friend Xiao (Neo Hooo), they may well have the answer, but it needs some serious energy. Not just from their minds, but also from a power source capable of sparking their potential invention. Thankfully hacking into satellites is an everyday hobby for Xiao, with Ollie and his dog Henry about to become linked together in more ways than one. Meanwhile, tech billionaire Ram Mills (Kunal Nayyar) spots the opportunity to use both boys for selfish gain.

Full of energy and fun, ‘Think Like a Dog’ is a delightful live-action kids adventure, that proudly places science at the heart of the action. Encouraging kids to think big in both invention and creative play. While also tackling issues of bullying, divorce and online safety. But make no mistake this is a film where the dogs do the talking.

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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018)

Director: Aaron HorvathPeter Rida Michail

Cast: Greg CipesScott MenvilleKhary Payton, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Will Arnett

Poor Robin is always sitting in the shadow of Batman’s cape, his young crime-fighting antics never enough to secure a movie franchise. But he does at least have the Teen Titans at his side; however, even they are relegated to the sidelines by the famous Justice League. 

Born on TV, Teen Titans Go! Finally made its transition to the big screen in 2018. Our team of junior heroes delightfully embracing their debut with irreverence. In an entertaining, joyous and engaging film, laced with humour that transcends age boundaries. From the tongue in cheek jokes related to the DC Comics universe, through to Looney Tunes inspired gags and pop culture references. Delivering a movie that is both relatable, funny and addictive viewing. Its action, toilet humour and colour interfacing with a homage to DC Comic’s history from Superman the Movie to Batman and Wonder Woman.

So grab the popcorn, turn down the lights and settle in for a wild, loud and fun trip into the lighter side of DC Comics. 

Watch Teen Titans Go! To the Movies now on Amazon Prime Video

Onward (2020)

Director: Dan Scanlon

Cast:  Tom HollandChris PrattJulia Louis-DreyfusOctavia Spencer

Set in a fantasy world that has long forgotten the magic of its past. The suburban streets of New Mushroomton reflect our own cosmopolitan and commercially driven world. As unicorns, elves and pixies have succumbed to the modern trappings of tech-driven society; Middle Earth transformed into a McDonalds fuelled modern world. It is here that we meet two elf brothers, the insecure and tender Ian (Tom Holland) and his older brother Barley (Chris Pratt).  

As Ian reaches his 16th birthday, his mum gives both boys a mysterious present left by their dad on his death. A relic of the past in the form of a wizard’s staff, with a rare phoenix gem. Alongside a handwritten spell that if correctly delivered, can bring their dad back from the dead for just 24 hours. However, when both boys attempt the spell it backfires, with only the legs of their dad becoming visible. Leading them on a quest to find a second Phoenix gem that can bring back his top half before the sun goes down. 

Onward excels is in a narrative that explores the differences between both brothers. With Barley’s world surrounded by the escapism of old magic and folklore; his life a mix of roleplaying games, positivity and fantasy. While the more serious Ian longs for something his brother once had ‘a dad’. Someone with whom he can share his emotions; building his confidence in the world that surrounds him. His own insecurities embedded in a feeling of having missed out on a male role model. However, despite their differences, it is their brotherly love that will ultimately lead to success or failure in their fantastical quest.

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Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans (2019)

Director: Dominic Brigstocke

Cast: Sebastian CroftEmilia JonesNick FrostCraig RobertsKate NashKim Cattrall

Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans is proudly British in its humour, construct, and delivery. Echoing classic British comedies ranging from Carry On Cleo to Monty Python. All mixed with a core foundation of accessible historical learning. The film opens with a delightful tongue in cheek segment exploring the length of the titles. Before, we are thrown into the treacherous murder of Claudius (Derek Jacobi). His moody and insolent son Nero (Craig Roberts) and scheming wife Agrippina (Kim Cattrall) desperate to take the imperial throne. But that’s just the start of a beautifully written journey that brings together some of the U.K’s best comedy talent.

From the outset Horrible Histories celebrates its TV roots, while also embracing its first big-screen outing. Creating a film that feels fresh and different while engaging young and old alike. With a script penned by Jessica Swale and Giles Pilbrow that sings with intelligence, comedy and wit. At the same time as Director Dominic Brigstocke keeps proceedings moving in a fast, engaging and energetic manner. 

Meanwhile, performances are fun, light and vibrant. With Sebastian Croft, Craig Roberts and Emilia Jones all leading the film with ease. Their love of the material, enabling them to bounce off each other in creating moments of pure comedy gold.

Watch Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans now on Amazon Prime Video

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