Statement from the editor

As we all reflect on the horrific death of George Lloyd we are once again reminded of the racial hate that continues to pervade society. This hate eats away at the ability of communities and individuals to thrive and grow. Removing parents from children, friends from social networks and partners from loving unions.

Here at Cinerama Film Online we believe that equality can only be built through social inclusion and opportunity. Ensuring that each and every individual is valued, encouraged and allowed to prosper. Within a society that rejects oppression, discrimination and hate in favour of love, community and opportunity. Sadly we know that this is still far from being a reality for many people. Theirs lives still constrained by those who seek to undermine, divide and conquer; whether that be through toxic political beliefs, power or hate.

Film has the ability to open eyes, ears and minds and we passionately believe in the role arts can play in furthering inclusion and equality. Therefore our mission to continue bringing you a diversity of film and voices will only strengthen. But today we pause and ask you all to listen and learn, build understanding and embrace a world free from discrimination and hate. A world where every child has the same opportunity to grow and learn, and every community the same rights to safety and justice.