Doctor Sleep (2019) – Film of the Week

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Connecting the competing visions of Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece with Stephen Kings 2013 follow up to his 1977 novel was never going to be easy. After all its no secret that Kubrick’s film deviated from King’s source material, changing a number of key character’s and outcomes. Therefore, Director Mike Flanagan had a tough job in pleasing both the die-hard fans of the 1980 film and those who loved King’s novel.

But surprisingly the end result is one of the finest horror films of 2018/19. One that exudes the class and style of Kubrick’s 1980 horror masterpiece. While equally and lovingly translating Stephen King’s sequel to the big screen. Ultimately creating a virtual bridge between Kubrick and King that lovingly honours both visions of the original source material. Interlacing the supernatural elements of King’s vision with the far more nuanced and real horror of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic Overlook Hotel. Especially within the delicious directors cut, that we urge people to seek out and savour.

But aside from the links to the past, Doctor Sleep also embraces its place in telling a new Stephen King story. Introducing us to one of the finest horror characters of recent years in Rose the Hat. While never shying away from the abject horror of the True Knot gang, especially in the nerve-shredding and horrific scenes involving Baseball Boy. Ultimately creating a horror film that dovetails the past and present, while providing a truly horrific and exhilarating journey into the power known as The Shining’.

Cast:  Ewan McGregorRebecca FergusonKyliegh Curran, Cliff Curtis

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