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Born in 1986, Shia LaBeouf found fame at young age through stand up comedy and then the Disney Channel. His talent finding worldwide stardom with the 2007 hit Disturbia. However, as with many child actors before him, the journey to this point was far from glamourous. A journey fraught with alcohol, anger and internal struggle. Written by LaBeouf, ‘Honey Boy’ may have changed the names of its characters, but clearly portrays LaBeouf’s own lived experience. Providing us with a deeply personal journey into his anger, addiction and volatile relationship with his father. In a film that navigates the challenges of early fame; the demons of addiction and the misguided actions of a parent living their own dreams through their child. 

Honey Boy opens in the midst of explosions and stunts on a 2005 film set. Otis (Lucas Hedges) is a young actor whose life is submerged in a bottle of any spirit he can find. His existence a whirlwind of anger, frustration and risk that eventually leads him to rehab. His internal hurt and trauma coming from a fractious and challenging relationship with his father. A relationship that takes us back to 1995 and young Otis (Noah Jupe) sitting on the brink of stardom. Living in motel rooms with his recovering alcoholic father (Shia LaBeouf); a failed rodeo clown who chaperones young Otis to studio sessions. The relationship between both father and son at times loving and at times deeply unsettling.

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Director: Alma Har’el

Cast:  Shia LaBeoufLucas HedgesNoah Jupe 

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