Mommy (2014) – Film of the Week

French Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan burst onto the public stage in 2009 with his outstanding debut feature I Killed My Mother. His ability to reflect the intensity of family relationships and the emotional disconnect of parents and teenagers jumping from the screen. However, with Mommy, this ability to both challenge and engage an audience is amplified to electric levels. With a film that embraces deeply dark humour, while layering it with a melodrama of heartfelt sincerity.

At its core, Mommy is a poignant and emotional reflection of one mother’s struggle to control her wayward and abusive ADHD suffering son. But look deeper and Dolan’s film is a commentary on social isolation, teenage rebellion and parental freedom versus love. With each character screaming inside their own socially constructed boxes. Desperate to break free, but aware of the pain and destruction it will cause to those around them. And as the film ramps up to its emotional and dramatic conclusion. At least one of those social boxes will be dismantled, no matter the price to others. Mommy is Xavier Dolan at his best, wrapping the audience in a film of pure beauty, adrenaline and emotion.

Cast: Anne DorvalAntoine Olivier PilonSuzanne Clément