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Directed By: Alan Parker (ITV Studios)

Splurge guns at the ready for Alan Parker’s gloriously unique kids mobster musical. A film that not only makes you endlessly smile through a haze of shaving cream and sublime art deco sets; but equally grabs your attention with toe-tapping musical numbers from Paul Williams. Each song a classic in its own right; while also becoming a mainstay of school theatre productions around the world. Wrapped up in a delightful gangster tale, as we follow the intrepid Bugsy through a mythical gang-land feud in 1929 New York City. His loyalties split between trying to impress city newcomer Blousey Brown and protect business owner Fat Sam.

Unlike anything committed to the screen before or since, Bugsy Malone is delightfully cheesy, deliciously mad and undeniably brilliant. Paying homage to the classic gangster movie’s of old, through the eyes of a child. So get yourself down to Fat Sam’s, it ain’t humble but it’s your home sweet home.

Cast: Jodie FosterScott BaioFlorence Garland, John Cassisi, Paul Chirelstein

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