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‘Fin de siglo’

What if we had made different decisions as a result of the random meetings, and fleeting love affairs we have had? This is the question posed by writer-director Lucio Castro. His debut feature ‘End of the Century’ focusing on the power of chance encounters and the fear of commitment. The passion for personal freedom often wrapped in a fear of allowing yourself to be open to others.

Castro’s film opens with Ocho (Juan Barberini), arriving in Barcelona, his Airbnb apartment looking out over the scenic city. His first thoughts centring on the men who may await his visit on Grindr.

Ocho walks around the city by day, taking in the beauty of the buildings, beaches and parks surrounding him. His freedom in exploration matched with a sadness and distance from any human contact. However, on meeting Javi (Ramon Pujol) both men engage in a brief but passionate afternoon of sex. Leading to an evening drinking wine and eating crackers while looking out over city as the sun begins to set. Their conversation centring on the lives they lead; Javi’s open and loving relationship with his husband; Ocho’s recent separation from his partner. The conversation moving gracefully to Javi and his husbands daughter, when Ocho casually states “I have a strange feeling we have met before”. The answer surprising him as Javi replies “that’s because we have”. The film then taking us back to 1999 in Barcelona and a meeting that could have become a loving relationship

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Director: Lucio Castro

Cast:  Juan BarberiniRamon PujolMía Maestro 

End of the Century is available now on all major streaming platforms.