We are waving goodbye to star ratings

Ever since our launch Cinerama Film Online has used star ratings in all reviews. However, in one of our biggest changes to the site since our launch we will be dispensing with the star rating system from today.

We acknowledge that for some star ratings help them decide on whether to go and see a movie. But we also acknowledge that audience choice is about far more than our decision to implement a particular star rating. In this sense star ratings often give a simplistic message about the worth of a film. Before the reader has even read our full and balanced review.

This change does not mean we will stop signposting readers to the best in film. And therefore instead of a star rating you may now find the following banners accompanying films we feel offer great or outstanding content, stories and performances

These are films we highly recommend to our readers. Films that offer unique stories, great performances and innovation in cinematic art.

These are films that push the boundaries of cinematic art and storytelling. Offering audiences both new and unique experiences. Essential films will also feature in our curated collections of essential movies on the site.

Where films do not receive one of the banners above, we intend to leave it up to our readers to decide their own opinion based on our review. These changes reflect our belief that film is for everyone, and everyone will have a different taste and view on what they watch. And just as we have always done, you will never find lazy and damaging click bate criticism of films on our site. All films no matter of our individual opinion carry worth and meaning to others. And while we may offer structured and fair criticism, we will always balance this with importance of allowing the reader to make up their own mind.